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I've been using CRRS for our teleradiology services for over 5 years. They are our exclusive provider of teleradiology services. Their report quality and support are excellent. We recently moved our teleradiology services to CRRS. We had started to see diminished quality in reports as well as increased turnaround times from our previous vendor so we opted to switch to a more quality-based, customer service based provider. We have been incredibly happy with CRRS. Cost was a consideration when choosing our teleradiology partner. CRRS provides a cost effective solution with great reporting quality. I would highly recommend CRRS. CRRS customer service is excellent. They are a really nice group to work with. They make me feel like we're their only client.

Company History

Established in 2002 by Dr. Allen Rothpearl, CRRS has serviced primary care clinics, urgent care centers and imaging centers since our inception. With the knowledge and experience to work with established medical practices, CRRS has provided imaging services to allow them to expand within their communities. 

In recent years CRRS has expanded to provide donated services to a community in dire need of radiology support. In January 2010 Haiti was hit with a devastating earthquake. Dr. Rothpearl reached out to the effected community to donate radiology support where it was most needed. We connected with a pediatric hospital run by Fr. Rick Frechette, St. Damien's Hospital. We established a connection with the hospital PACS within 24 hours of our initial contact. We customized our system and provided emergency services and report transmission to the devastated community within days. Our commitment to this pediatric hospital continues to this day. Our radiologists and administrative staff volunteer their time and services daily to continue our services at no charge. Our commitment to the community and physicians of Haiti are an important part of our dedication to the profession and our desire to help all those in need of medical care.