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I've been using CRRS for our teleradiology services for over 5 years. They are our exclusive provider of teleradiology services. Their report quality and support are excellent. We recently moved our teleradiology services to CRRS. We had started to see diminished quality in reports as well as increased turnaround times from our previous vendor so we opted to switch to a more quality-based, customer service based provider. We have been incredibly happy with CRRS. Cost was a consideration when choosing our teleradiology partner. CRRS provides a cost effective solution with great reporting quality. I would highly recommend CRRS. CRRS customer service is excellent. They are a really nice group to work with. They make me feel like we're their only client.

Teleradiology Technology

CRRS's teleradiology technology uses a highly customized work list server ( and PACS system that functions in conjunction with our own custom-designed proprietary software applications.

How it Works

  • Our clients send images over a secure VPN to our teleradiology PACS. DICOM images are accepted directly from a modality or from a PACS.
  • Patient history and data are transmitted via our custom faxadder software ( and are automatically attached to the imaging examination.
  • Customers can log in to our PACS through secure and encrypted authentication and are able to view cases in real-time. The system allows tracking of the status of every case by you so you can see when a CRRS radiologist is interpreting a case and view reports as they are created.
  • CRRS temporarily stores images on our PACS for approximately six months. This allows for comparison studies and quality assurance checks.
  • We also offer options for long-term archives. See “archiving and film scan” for more information.

Image Archiving and Film Digitizing
At CRRS we have the technology to transfer all your medical imaging film to digital files.  We offer a complete range of x-ray film scanning and digitizing services, long-term archiving and custom CD-DVD creation for your practice. To learn more about our archiving and film scan service click here.

The Benefits of Digitalizing X-Rays
There are a range of benefits for all types of medical practices. Digital X-ray can streamline workflow within an office, offer an effective and efficient way to store, view, duplicate, share, and distribute X-rays. For a full list of benefits of digital x-rays click here. (Link)

Medimaging Tools provides downloadable manuals for software as well as making some software available on a trial basis. Medimaging Tools offers web and windows-based software applications with options and additions not available for most DICOM servers and gateway software.