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I've been using CRRS for our teleradiology services for over 5 years. They are our exclusive provider of teleradiology services. Their report quality and support are excellent. We recently moved our teleradiology services to CRRS. We had started to see diminished quality in reports as well as increased turnaround times from our previous vendor so we opted to switch to a more quality-based, customer service based provider. We have been incredibly happy with CRRS. Cost was a consideration when choosing our teleradiology partner. CRRS provides a cost effective solution with great reporting quality. I would highly recommend CRRS. CRRS customer service is excellent. They are a really nice group to work with. They make me feel like we're their only client.

Teleradiology Benefits

Today’s web-based imaging technology has facilitated doctors, hospitals and clinics throughout the world impacted by geographical limitations, budget and the availability of qualified doctors by making diagnoses possible from thousands of miles away and at all hours. Emergencies necessitate the availability of radiological services 24/7, a schedule often not covered by a single radiologist in rural areas or by smaller clinics. In times when the cost of providing quality healthcare continues to rise, our teleradiology team offers an affordable solution to accessing care from highly qualified radiologists.

Over the last decade, teleradiology services have boomed with the increase in speed offered by broadband transmissions. Via encrypted transmission, your company can reap teleradiology benefits by having our highly qualified radiologists read your patient’s MRIs, X-rays, CT scans, mammograms, etc. without actually having a radiologist in your vicinity. Locally, where our Long Island clients do have abundant access to doctors, they benefit from the low cost and superior customer service offered by our dedicated staff.

Health care providers can provide more comprehensive services to their patients at a fraction of the cost of employing full-time radiologists. Our services are ideal for those in remote areas or operating on budgets that do not permit a full staff of radiologists trained in different subspecialties.

  • From the convenience of any computer, our customers access their patients’ readings using our web-based teleradiology PACS system
  • In order to maintain consistent studies, our preferences and layouts are tied to login information.
  • Results become available online immediately
  • Immediate preliminary reports for urgent findings.
  • Subspecialty teleradiology benefits available: neurology, pediatric radiology, musculoskeletal, and body imaging.

Complete Radiology Reading Services, PLLC compliments and supplements your business with teleradiology benefits throughout the year wherever your company is located or staffing obstacle it faces. Let our team enhance your patient care services with a solution tailored to your company’s needs.