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Archiving and Film Scan

At CRRS we offer a complete range of x-ray film scanning and digitizing services, long-term archiving and custom CD-DVD creation for your practice. We have the technology to transfer all your medical imaging films—from x-Rays to MRIs—into digital files. Our advanced equipment scans film, creating electronic files in DICOM which provides an easy way to store and share data electronically without the expense of storing film. Our medical image conversion and medical records scanning services meet the DICOM standard for the viewing and distribution of any kind of medical images with image compression, allowing for quick and easy file access.

We offer several options for the return of your digital images

  • DICOM images can be stored on a CD and returned to you
  • DICOM images can be transferred to your internal PACS system for storage
  • DICOM images can be archived with Complete Radiology in our online storage servers

The Benefits of Digitalizing X-Rays

There are a range of benefits for all types of medical practices. From radiology and ultrasound to hospitals and mobile medical practices, Digital X-rays:

  • Streamline workflow within an office. The time spent copying and filing is eliminated and allows staff to focus on other departmental functions.
  • Offers an effective and efficient way to store, view, duplicate, share, and distribute X-rays. This makes for a fast and easy way to share information no matter where they are located.
  • Free up your office space, which, in turn, can eliminate the need for renting extra storage space, therefore lowering overhead expenses
  • Cut down on staffing needs. This is always a critical issue for medical practices and hospitals and can cut down on operational costs significantly.
  • Our archiving and film scan services offer enhanced security in terms of medical records management, including encryption and password protection methodologies relative to authorized access. Privacy and security are a key and part of HIPAA regulatory guidelines.

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