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Teleradiology Services

CRRS is a U.S. based, physician-owned, general and sub-specialty teleradiology service provider located in Westbury, New York. In order to provide efficient customer service, CRRS customizes and develops unique teleradiology service solutions based on the requirements of the client. We pride ourselves in providing only quality service whether a client is located in our vicinity or thousands of miles away.

CRRS offers a cost-effective alternative to supporting a full-time radiology staff by providing radiology practices and hospitals off-site coverage, with advanced technology and secure transmission of information, resulting in a maximum return for our clients. Our 24 hour turnaround time increases your efficiency, speed and accuracy while lowering operating costs.

Effective Communication

Our radiologists are always available for one-on-one consultations with physicians by appointment. Physician calls to our radiologists are returned within the hour. In the event of an emergency, our radiologists notify physicians immediately.

Information Accessibility
Information is accessible online 24/7 through our image management system. To learn more about the custom technology used to provide our services please visit for more information. 

Complete Radiology Reading Services, PLLC is included in Radiology Business Journal’s list of the top 20 largest teleradiology companies in the United States.

For information and to speak to a representative from CRRS, click here.

Call Complete Radiology Reading Services at 516-620-9510 or email  if your radiology group or imaging center would like to outsource your radiology interpretations to sub-specialists.


Teleradiology Service Faqs

Is there a minimum monthly volume requirement?
There is no minimum requirement. We can handle any size account and there is no requirement to sign on.

What hours are your teleradiology services available?
Our teleradiology services are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. Our regular hours of availability can be customized to suit your every need and requirement.

Are all CRRS teleradiology reports read in the United States?    
All of our radiologists are certified by the American Board of Radiology and are based within the United States. We do not outsource and maintain the highest standards for staff employment.