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Teleradiology Quality Assurance

Our teleradiology quality assurance program consistently delivers quality from every radiologist. We have a peer review process that is in place and available at all times. 

Customer Support

CRRS has always specialized in daytime radiology coverage, which differentiates from other teleradiology companies. CRRS has the knowledge and experience to work closely with administrative staff and technologies to keep your day-to-day operations flowing effortlessly.  We provide expanded customer services in the following areas:

  • Administrative Account Manager: Your point person within CRRS. Each new client is assigned a dedicated account manager to assist your staff with all patients and report related matters. They also act as your liaison to all radiologists within our practice.
  • Key Images: These will be attached to final reports when our radiologist needs to provide the ordering physician with additional information.
  • Physician Access to our Radiologists: Our radiologists are available to speak with physicians when they request a phone consultation. Radiologists are notified immediately when a consultation is requested and return calls are made generally within an hour of request.
  • Urgent Findings: In the event that a radiologist has an urgent finding that needs immediate attention, the radiologist will call the physician directly in addition to faxing a preliminary report to the physician. 

For information and to speak to a representative from CRRS, click here.

Call Complete Radiology Reading Services at 516-620-9510 or email  if your radiology group or imaging center would like to outsource your radiology interpretations to sub-specialists.