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Types of Radiology Interpretations:


  • Overreads- Overreads are reads performed on request in order to render a second opinion. This type of read is also known as a second opinion read. 
  • Backup Reads – We can backup radiologists and their radiology groups in case of sickness or vacation.
  • Rereads –These are performed on request, if a referring doctor wants a study to be interpreted by a different radiologist than the one that originally read a case. We do not perform rereads on our own radiologists.
  • Preliminary Reads – These reads are meant to be temporary, until the final read occurs. Sometimes hospitals and radiology groups only want a preliminary read done. This happens mostly in a hospital setting where the permanent radiologist plans on doing the final read in the morning, and a temporary read will suffice at night. Our radiologists can do either preliminary or final reads depending upon the requirements of the situation.

  • Subspecialty Reads – In the field of radiology, some radiologists wish to specialize in a particular area of radiology, whereas others prefer to not specialize and read numerous areas of radiology. Subspecialties can either be a particular part of the body, such as brain and spine (neuroradiology) or bones and tendons and muscles (musculoskeletal radiology) or emergency radiology (interpretation of imaging examinations performed in an emergency setting. Other radiologists choose to specialize in a particular type of exam such as MRI, CT or Ultrasound. We can supply all manner of subspecialty radiologists for those requiring them.


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